Choosing a financial adviser

Choosing a financial adviser might seem daunting, but if you need help with a financial decision, it’s worth persevering. A good adviser can save you money and a lot of worry.

The key to finding the right financial adviser works out what type of advice you need.?

Are you looking for a mortgage or perhaps life insurance? Do you need a specialist home or business insurance?

There are lots of reasons why people need advise from a financial adviser, but there are also lots of different types of adviser, so it pays to know who to go to and when.

How to find a financial adviser

Personal recommendation from friends or family is one way to find a financial adviser but it’s not always easy to work out whether an adviser has done a good job until years after they have given the advice.

Being ‘nice’ doesn’t always mean they’re a good adviser.

Some unions or affinity groups and workplace pension schemes have selected advisers to recommend to their membership.

So if you’re a member of one of these groups, check with them first.

For advice on pension and retirement planning, long term care planning, equity release, inheritance tax planning or wills and probate

Types of adviser

Financial advisers come in different guises and aren’t always called ‘financial advisers’.

Sometimes they are named by their specialism such as ‘mortgage adviser’, ‘investment adviser’, ‘pension adviser’ or ‘financial planner’.

Sometimes they are known as ‘brokers’ – often when dealing with products such as:

  • mortgages
  • Commercial Lending, or
  • Business Loan.

Whatever they might be called (or call themselves), what all financial advisers in the UK do have in common is they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This means there are rules they must follow when dealing with you.

Advisers who deal with: Investments; pensions (including pension transfers); retirement income products and general financial planning

Since January 2013, advisers recommending these types of products must carry higher levels of qualifications.

Prior to this, many were paid by commission collected from charges on the products they sold.

In reality, advisers who provide advice on the products listed above, might also provide advice on protection insurance (such as life insurance) and sometimes mortgages.

Business Financial Planning:

Finding suitable and affordable sources of business finance is often a challenge for both new and entrenched businesses. Whilst in one way, it is very positive for the SME and startup business. Whether you simply need finance to grow your business, take on a new product, buy new equipment or you have an idea for a start-up business, but are not sure how to find the necessary finance that is where we come in. We deal with all types of lenders from the main banks to specialist lenders.

At business finance services we  offer these following services: 

  • Business Loan
  • Credit Facility
  • Merchant Cash Advance

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